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UK immigration law is based on Acts of Parliament. And also on delegated legislation which is called rules i.e Immigration Rules. Currently the immigration categories have been classified into 5 Tiers which includes Tier 1 (Skilled Worker by Demand), Tier 2 (Work Permit with Offer ), Tier 3 (Temporary Low Skilled Workers), Tier 4 (Students) and Tier 5 (Other Schemes). Beside that Immigration law also regulate Visit Visa, Family Visitor Visa, Dependant Visa etc.
Applying for UK Visas or Leave to Remain (LR) needs proper understanding of UK Immigration Law with extensive knowledge of UK Immigration Case Laws, as UK Law is based on Courts Decisions and a relevant case law in your favour can effect your applications. The courts decisions have outlined the relevant documents which must be included for successful application.
UK Higher Courts decisions effect the UK Immigration law to large extent including the Immigration Appeals in Tribunal. And you must seek advice before deciding further, for example there is no Right of Appeal in Student Visa refusal but Judicial Review is applicable in which you can challenge the Entry Clearance Officer Decisions in Court and can have better results. Therefore, we provide UK Immigration Law Advice on base of Case Law and Statute. And its free of cost as we are a charity.

We advice our clients on UK Immigration law very carefully with at least one senior supervision on exact reliance of statues and case laws such as (non-exhaustive list) ;

​Statutes ;


Immigration Act, 1971

Immigration and Asylum Act, 2009

Article 45 of TFEU (Treaty on Functioning of EU)

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act, 2006

UK Borders Act, 2007

The Borders Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2009


Cases ;


Patel (revocation of sponsor licence - fairness) India [2011] UKUT 00211 (IAC) 

Urbanczak v Poland [2013] EWHC 2390 (Admin)

KA and Others (Adequacy of maintenance) Pakistan 2006 UKAIT 00065

Immigration Controls - R (Quila & Anor) v SSHD; R (Bibi & Anor) v SSHD [2011] UKSC 45, 12 October 2011 




Immigration Law Advice is provided with reliance on statute and case law of relevant country, directly by legal professionals, under the supervision of one Senior Adviser

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