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Client ID : 230215


Country Of Migration : Canada


Immigration Category : Student Visa


Case Supervisor : Dr. Zaki 




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Case Synopsis ;


You are looking to migrate to Canada on base of study Visa. You have been enrolled in the college namely Okanagan College wherein the classes are going to start in May, 2015. In Interview to Dr. Zaki you have confirmed that you have sufficient funds and confirmation of Student Acceptance. The Documents have also been seen by the case Supervisor.


Processing Route ;


Step 1. Instructions will be given and Fee be paid via Paypal. The Fee is secured via Paypal Buyer Protection.


Step 2. Mr. ------- will be issued Case Memorandum and Checklist to prove  ;


    a. Legitimate Purpose in Canada

    b. Sufficient Funds

    c. Economic Ties

    d. Family Ties


Step 3. RIA will provide the Property Certificates and Verification Certification for Canadian Embassy legal requirement.


Step 4. Application will processed and supervised.


Step 5. Correspondence with the Canadian Embassy as per Need.


Step 6. Review and Appeals in Court if needed.


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